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Just don’t take our word for it. Read what our patients are saying about Dr. Hargis and Warwick Brain and Spine Therapy.

Read what our patients are saying about Dr. Hargis

" After enduring back pain for 4 years, I have finally gotten relief by going to Dr Hargis. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy, a spine specialist and a pain management doctor, and not one of them helped my pain. My wife, who is a patient of Dr Hargis, suggested that he might be able to help me. After reading my x-rays and MRI, he came up with a treatment plan of adjustments and ultra-sound therapy. I recommend Dr Hargis if you are suffering from any kind of back pain. " P. Sigalos 

"About 6 weeks ago I had injured my back and was in severe pain, I had made an appointment with Dr.Hargis after being referred to him by a co-worker because I could barely walk, after being evaluated by Dr. Hargis, he and his staff went right to work without hesitation and started treating me and helping me to relieve the pain and after a few treatments I am able to walk with less pain and sleep better at night. After a few weeks of being out of work I was notified by my director for the first time I was told that I needed to be seen by a medical doctor who then in return referred me right back to Dr. Hargis because one she was very pleased with his treatment for my back and two it is not her area of expertise and supported how my treatments we're going! I will continue my treatments with confidence I am in the right hands. His entire staff are very pleasant and always greet you with a smile even through all the winter I would recommend Dr. Hargis to anyone. Thank you Dr. Hargis and your staff (Wayne) for making me feel comfortable and helping me to recovery." ~Josefina

"Dr. Hargis is a special kind of Doctor. He took so much time and consideration when I hurt my back and took extra measures to insure that I was getting better each day. If I wasn't feeling good, he made sure to do what was in his power to fix what was wrong. He is a very talented doctor and knows what he is talking about. I feel like I am part of his family and the staff is so friendly and also concerned with my well being. I highly recommend Dr Hargis to anyone. I would go out of my way to see him even if it was  far distance from my home."~A. Anderson

"Dr. Hargis and his team are some of the most helpful, and considerate people i have ever met. And have helped me in every way i possibly needed. I highly recommend their services to everyone and you will not regret it. Real life savers."~S. Lukach

"The kindest, most welcoming group of people I have encountered at a Dr.'s office.~K.C.D

Thank you Dr. Hargis for helping me , my husband and my daughter to feel better. Our lives are easier now. We appreciate you and your staff very much! God bless all of you."~ A.K.

"I highly recommend Dr Calvin Hargis  and his staff at Warwick Brain and Spine Therapy. After years of lower back pain, months of Physical Therapy, Pain Management and …More."~M. Stratton

"Big fan of Dr. Cal and his team at his practice.  They have helped me through several rough patches with my back.  Dr. Hargis is extremely knowledgeable.  I highly recommend him!"~G. Green

"Staff is very friendly. I had numbness down my right arm and Dr. Hargis has helped this go away. I would definitely recommend him to any and all who are experiencing pain or numbness."~J. Sigalos

“I had intense pain in my back. Hunched over and could barely walk. I called Dr. Hargis and he took me in the same day. He treated me and refused to do any adjustments until I had xrays. The same day had the xrays done and went back the following day. He explained everything in words that I can understand. I have been going to him for about 5 weeks or so and feel amazing. Though I am not back to full duty, I ride horses and clean stalls, I am progressing. He is making sure I am fully healed before we do any therapies. I totally recommend Dr. Hargis and his staff.” ~ P. Zem

“All my experiences at Warwick Brain & Spine have been great, but to share the most recent… April 5th I had Meniscus repair surgery (knee). PT didn’t help and as of June 23rd I was having difficulty walking, always with a limp and required a brace. Could not bend the knee to walk up and down stairs. The Paletta rubbing the bone underneath. Exercises given by PT aggravated the issue. I learned through all of this that I have crooked knee caps which didn’t help matters, but was told I may never get better, could require a knee cap replacement, but down the road could need it again because it would always be crooked. I gave up and accepted my fate until July 18th when I asked Dr. Hargis if he could help. He offered ultrasound treatments and gave me two simple exercises (not like the ones offered by PT) to try. In two weeks and only four visits, I could walk without limping and without my knee brace! I was overwhelmed and thrilled. He did for me in two weeks what my orthopedist and PT couldn’t do in over two months. I have a long way to go, but I have hope now. Chiropractic care has amazed me in the past as to how well it truly cares for the whole body. I’m kicking myself, with the good leg of course ;), for not thinking of it sooner! I can’t recommend Dr. Hargis highly enough!” ~J. Karon

“Been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Hargis’ for almost a year now. I’ve been to 5 chiropractors over the course of almost 30 years, and Dr. Hargis is the first to address my neck’s reverse curve and limited range of motion, and actually make substantial improvements. He has also been great at fixing all those sporadic back pains that I’ve gotten as, I’ve aged. I recommend him, and the practice, very highly.” ~M. Blitz

“Working with the program provided by the Doctors and staff at Warwick Brain & Spine Therapy has really restored my mental, physical and emotional health. I always recommend them to others.”~D. Brown

“Warwick has been a huge help to help eliminate my extreme lower back pain – the ultrasound therapy was extremely effective.” ~ M. Lettering

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of services I receive over at Warwick Brain & Spine Therapy. I would most definitely recommend them to others. They really know what they are doing.” ~ L. Doyle

“I began treatment with Dr. Hargis two years ago for neuralgia in my neck. This condition gave me intense pain, trouble sleeping and lack of concentration. Dr. Hargis took a multi-level approach to treating me and knew exactly what lifestyle changes to recommend to improve my overall health. I began to feel “human” again! He is a doctor that listens to you and has a sincere desire to improve your health! I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me.” ~ M. Morgiewicz

“They have an extremely caring staff over at Warwick Brain & Spine. They are really good at what they do, they go out of their way to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.” ~ L. Smith

“They really helped get rid of a lot of lower back pain that I was having. They were very non invasive and made it very painless throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone.” ~ P. Brownstone

“I’ve never been to a chiropractor and was a little skeptical. I do a lot of maintenance and construction jobs on my property and was having arthritis pain in my back and the joints in my hands. I was in a lot of pain and finally after lots of advice from my pals, I went to Dr. Hargis. He put me on a treatment program of ultrasound which I was very skeptical of but in the last few weeks I have noticed remarkable improvement. Now I would highly recommend Dr. Hargis to everybody. I’m so glad I found him.” ~ T. Colman

“This is a place where people really listen to you. All the staff are very professional and friendly. It is a really pleasant experience to go to your office.” ~ B. Lewis

“If you go to Warwick Brain & Spine Therapy just once, you will find yourself going back again and again. This is one decision you will not want to take back.” ~ B. Nelson

“The staff really listens to you here. Everyone is professional and friendly with me and overall they make it a pleasant experience each visit.” ~ B.F.

“Dr. Hargis and his entire staff went over and above for me. I HIGHLY recommend them. They are getting me back together after i took a fall at work, injuring my neck and lower back. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.” ~ A. Baker

“I took a pretty nasty fall and the recovery on it has been really tough. Thank goodness for Warwick Brain & Spine Therapy. I feel like they’ve been putting me back together again.” ~ T. Riley

“I’ve found this place to take a more conscientious approach to back or other pain. Dr. Hargis is very knowledgeable at what he’s doing and has been instrumental in my path to recovery.” ~ B. Algieri

“If you’re looking for satisfaction and relief for back pain or other issues with your back, this is the place to go. I feel awesome now.” ~ K. Santos

“I call Dr. Hargis a magician. I can always count on him for a holistic approach without meds. I have been to him on numerous occasions when this hurt or that hurt and leave their immediately with relief. Additionally he is a caring and compassionate man that really listens to make sure he gets to the bottom of why you called him in the first place.” ~L. Howell

“Warwick Brain & Spine Therapy really is here to help you get well again. It’s what you want for yourself, and they are working for the same thing.” ~M. Pierson

“Dr. Hargis and his staff are extremely compassionate and caring. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in a large array of chiropractic areas and has really helped me regain mobility where it was once limited.” ~R. Miller

 “My favorite thing about being a patient at Warwick is that everyone is courteous, caring and respectful of me as an individual. Everyone is professional and I am seen in a timely manner.” ~A. Thorpe

“Warwick Brain and Spine Therapy helped eliminate my low back pain through a multifaceted and personalized approach. The ultrasound therapy is extremely effective, non invasive, and painless for relieving a multitude of problems. I have had heel pain due to Achilles tendonitis and a bone bruise for several years. The ultrasound therapy has been the only treatment I have had any relief from. Dr Hargis is patient and kind and takes the time to be sure he understands the problem and that you, the patient, understand the treatment as well.” ~J. Weatherstone

“I abruptly had a bulging disc in my back which made it extremely difficult to walk upstairs. Within my first visit with Dr. Hargis, I was using the stairs again and feeling better. Can’t thank them enough!” ~F. Baracella

“I’ve been a patient here for nearly 20 years, and it’s Dr. Hargis’s caring and expertise that keeps me coming back. He always has the right types of therapies for each patient, and treats every case individually. He’s a wonderful doctor, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” ~F. Woodson

“I’ve been a patient of Warwick Brain & Spine Therapy for many years now, and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Dr. Hargis is wonderful, he always takes the time to explain things to me and lets me know what I should be expecting.from my visits and after. He’s helped me through many situations, and for that I am grateful.”   ~M. Griffin

“Dr. Hargis always keeps me up to date on the latest findings to do with metabolic orthopedic care, which has become a big part of my life. He really listens to you and finds out what kind of person you are and how he can help.” ~P. Pelin