How Can We Help You?


Although statistics indicate that 80% of chronic pain sufferers never get better with traditional treatments fully 90% of our patients are significantly better within a few visits of beginning therapy in our office.  

Dr. Hargis’s training is somewhat unique.  With nine years of advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal conditions he is one of perhaps only one thousand Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedists in the country.  Chiropractic orthopedists deal with orthopedic problems non-surgically and work to correct problems before the need for surgery arises.  Our approach is quite different from conventional medical practitioners.  We look at the body holistically, evaluating the spine and human frame bio-mechanically to look for distortions and imbalances that are causing pain.   When evaluating spinal pain we look at weight bearing spinal x-rays and other forms of advanced imaging to look for the  spinal stresses that are only seen with the weight of the head or torso bearing down on the spine.

Only with standing x-rays, can the true nature of spinal pain be appreciated for it is in this position that the spine assumes the shape of our working day.  Only with weight bearing studies can be seen vertebral shifting and slippage, spinal joint compressions and abnormal spinal curvatures.  Only with weight bearing x-rays can one see unleveling of the spine due to structural abnormalities of vertebral or pelvic formation or differences in leg length all of which can imbalance the spine and be responsible for chronic or re-occurring spinal pain, headaches, nerve pain and a host of other maladies.  Thus the analysis of x-rays has to be evaluated from an engineering standpoint to see the real causes of spinal pain.  (Medical radiologists and most physicians have little to no understanding of these principals.)  Further we do not mask or dull pain with medications but uncover the underlying causes of pain and treat them properly with the correct therapeutic modalities to ensure healing. 

Pain in the joints and extremities are evaluated in the same comprehensive and thoughtful manner.

We also offer a unique service which includes a comprehensive and in depth examination/evaluation for those living some distance away from the office.  Within a few hours we can evaluate advanced diagnostic imaging, perform a comprehensive physical examination and recommend the proper course of treatment which can then be performed by health practitioners closer to the patient’s home.  We often perform this service for chronic pain sufferers living in other towns or states.  We will inform your treating health care professional of our findings and recommendations. 

We Care for Your Total Well Being

Latest Techniques


We use the latest imaging techniques like weight bearing MRI to ensure that we are seeing the true effects of weight bearing on the spine. Unlike MRI’s done lying down, weight bearing MRI’s reveal more of an in-depth understanding of spinal injury and abnormalities.

Soothing Therapies


We employ soothing and healing therapies like ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, massage and hot packs coupled with precise spinal manipulation when indicated to restore spinal health and reduce nerve related pain. 

Exercise Plans


To ensure that our patients stay in good shape we will structure a tailored exercise program based upon your specific needs and spinal condition. Nutrition is also important and we offer expert counseling to help you achieve your goals. 

All Patients Welcome


Our care is geared to patients of all ages and we take into consideration their degree of spinal and physical health when treating our patients. We accept most insurances including Medicare 

Injury Cases


Our office is expert in the care and handling of injury patients and we have a lengthy track-record of handling injury cases. Our care is covered workman’s compensation in New York.  

Auto Accidents


We work with local attorneys to insure that your injuries are evaluated and properly authenticated. Our care is covered by both
no-fault auto in New York. 

Chiropractic Care Helps

People who value a natural, whole body approach to pain relief and better health depend on chiropractic care to feel and function their best.